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The staff at Rehabilitation Specialists is committed to providing you and your child with state of the art speech, language and swallowing therapy services. Clients may benefit from our services if:

  • You or a family member have had a stroke or head injury and have difficulty understanding what people say, difficulty expressing thoughts and ideas; difficulty remembering things or difficulty eating or swallowing.

  • Your child is slow in using words and sentences and cannot express themselves adequately.

  • Developmental norms state a child should have 2-3 words by 12 months, 8-10 words by 18 months, 2 word sentences by 24 months and complete sentences by 36 months. ​

  • Your child has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Your child has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome or any of the many syndromes which cause speech and language delays.

  • ​You or your child has difficulty eating or swallowing due to ​ neuromuscular problems. ​ 

  • You or your child have   difficulty hearing, wears hearing aids or has had a cochlear implant.

  • You or your child's voice is hoarse, harsh, breathy, nasal or extremely loud. ​​You  or your child have difficulty with the flow or rhythm of speech. Stuttering is characterized by hesitations, repetitions, or prolongations of sounds, syllables or phrases.    .


If you suspect that you or your child may have a speech, language or hearing disorder, don't hesitate to seek professional help. Early Intervention is essential to effective remediation. We offer free speech, language, and hearing screenings with an appointment. 

Speech and Language Therapy